Wednesday, 16 July 2014

16/07/2014 - Another nice perch along with a lovely pike

I had another few hours yesterday evening spent fishing the R.Trent with Ian. I myself was using the minnows/slashbait yet again with a few nice results. The tally for that session was 5 fish 3 of which were perch, 1 a pike and a small gudgeon!

This Pike certainly liked my minnow as it gave a really good scrap on the Sakura Shinjin baitcast rod I have been using of late.
Such beautiful markings on the pike.  

2lb 2oz perch! My second 2lb fish within a week.

That evening once I was home I had the grin of the Cheshire cat. for the rest of the night, whatever I'm doing with the minnow/slasbaits I don't know but it seems to be working well especially on this stretch of the river.



  1. Well done done Alex, I had my first 2lber this week aswell :)

  2. Ta, really pleased with my recent captures, been a while since i caught my last 2lb perch. Well done on the pb, wait until you see a 4lber as it'll dwarf a 2lb fish. Mine to date is just a touch over 4lb caught on a small silver spoon with a red flash on the treble when I fished a local water a good while back in my early teens