Sunday, 17 August 2014

17/08/2014 - Previous sessions report and a new river PB.

Okay, I've neglected to keep this blog updated since my last post as in my opinion there wasn't really much to post about. I have been catching a mix of fish from the river consisting of a chub, half a dozen perch and a couple of pike. Yesterdays afternoon session with Ian saw me bank just the one fish which in turn has resulted in a new river PB.

A few picture of some of the fish I had caught within these past couple of weeks:
31/07/14 - With the water having a clear tea like tinge to it, the perch seemed to be more on firetiger pattern baits. Before I took this picture of the perch with a firetiger minnow, I had a smaller fish on a lipless firetiger bait from this very same swim  If you tried anything of a different colour or pattern such as gold or silver the perch didn't seem to be interested.
06/08/14 - ''When predator becomes prey'' A week later saw me and Ian on a different part of the river for a few hours during the afternoon after a morning spent blanking on a stillwater. Once again perch seemed to be the species of the day.
06/08/14 - Just before we decided to call it a day, I had a touch of the last cast magic thanks to this firetiger lipless bait. 
16/08/2014 - Yesterday afternoon was spent roaming a different part of the river as there was a match being held on the usual stretch me and Ian had been fishing. We had anticipated that the heavy rain we had here Friday afternoon would cause the river to slightly rise and gain colour overnight but much to our surprise when we arrived the river was crystal clear. 

After heading further along blanking at every swim I tried, I soon stopped off at a swim where I had several follows from a nice sized fish but stupidly of me I actually made the minnow bump into some vegetation and that seemed to of spooked the fish. So I decided to leave it and move further down concentrating on other swims. after a couple hours I met back up with Ian whom was fishing a swim further up from where I had just been. We had a breather to see whats what and who'd had some action, so far Ian managed a couple of small perch, a follow of a larger perch at about 1lb and also a couple of small pike. I told him that I myself so far was on a blank run but had some signs of a few smaller fish and also the larger one earlier on. 

It was getting on for around 1600hrs and we decided to make our way back to the car, I told him I wanted to have another go at this certain swim where I seen this fish. Ian went a couple of swims further upstream and as I cast slightly left working the minnow I felt a sudden thump and a shake, I gently lifted the rod to set the hooks and asked myself could this be the fish I saw earlier or a different one?

Turns out it was my new river PB for perch at 2lb 6oz being followed in by another perch around the same size which tells me that these larger fish are in small shoals?

During the unhooking I noticed and pointed out to Ian that this fish was a bit red underneath close to where the Anal fins are and we both wondered if this fish had spawned or getting close to it as I though the perch spawned late April early May? Anyway after I had released this fish, we decided to have a peek to where the match fishing was but they were just pulling their keepnets in and one of the chaps said they'd be another half hour as they needed to weigh in etc. So Ian and I decided to call it a day rather than wait.


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