Saturday, 17 October 2015

Dusting down the blog..... 17/10/2015

Hi All, 

Just dusting down the blog and rather go into the great detail of whats been happening over this past year I'd sooner keep it sweet and in short.

My life has had a change. After completing a 6 month Jobcentre programme, I managed to gain employment back in June with the programme providers themselves. That sadly came to an end when I was given notice of redundancy in July. August was spent looking,applying and being interviewed and at the end I got a phone call saying that my last interview was a success! I'm now administrator of a huge several million pounds lottery funded programme to help those hard to reach people get the best in life. Been there since the second week in Sept and already loving it. Hours are good as I get a three day weekend, Pay is the 'living wage' so that another plus, colleagues are awesome and my line manager is one heck of a guy!  I've now got the capacity to start doing the driving lessons & I've even upgraded the odd bit of kit too. 

Fishing wise: like anything it has its ups and downs but had some fun with a couple of chub and a few perch over the warmer months. I guess the saying ''pictures speak louder than words'' comes into play here. I'll add a few of the highlights.

PB pike

2lbs Perch

4lbs Chub

2lbs perch

I'll be doing a bit of work on the blog soon, just to spruce it up a bit so I hope you hang around. 

Alex Makk

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  1. Good to see you blogging again Alex.

    Congrats on the p.b pike.