Sunday, 31 January 2016

January 2016

Throughout the new year and January, the fishing has still been a bit of a struggle, The rivers are still up and the canal/s we fish seem to have gone very very quiet with no presence of the zander at all and the only fish we've seen were when Ian managed a few tiddler perch on the dropshot.

 On January 16th, we decided to fish a still water,  although the first quarter of that session was a struggle we started to see a bit of action with a odd fish here & there following the bait in, but showing no signs of 'actual' interest at all. That was until Ian had a follow on his jerkbait/Squirrely burt by ''two big perch'' (his words not mine!). Fortunatly for me I had my 3g/12g Finezze rod and some smaller baits to go, so I decided to hang around flicking some 3.5'' cane thumper shads. 

We were there for around 15mins before we got talking about moving onto the next lot of swims over on the other side of the venue. suddenly I had a great thump on the end of my line and it began towing to the right, I though it was a jack with the way the fish had hit the baits but as I started to draw it closer I had the signature 'thump' thump' thump' of the perch. 

& oh my, what a perch indeed, when we saw the flash of stripes and red fins, Ian bolted to his net which was on the bank. Thankfully I had mine in the water with me, resting along some reeds (we were shallow wading). I gently scooped the fish into the net and told Ian ''not to worry' about his net as it wasn't needed no more.

2lbs 8oz Perch

Pleased to say that this is a fish which I am most happy with, especially when we consider how the fishing had been up to that day. Here's hoping that February picks up again and that the rivers will settle down again before the close season begins in March.

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